Nicholas Males

Six Square Metres

I decided to use a Zine to address the issues of how similar housing and prison regulations really are, and challenge viewers to differentiate between statements regarding regulations of Housing and Prisons. This proved to be a somewhat impossible task in that almost every person who answered got it wrong. I believe this is due to preconceptions around that of housing, and that 'criminals' shouldn't have a better standard of living than us law -abiding citizens. In reality, this isn't the case, although I wouldn't blame people who responded incorrectly, as the information is not common knowledge in this country. In saying this I believe it's why the Zine is complementary to that of the objects, as it grounds the works, creating a point of reference and also generates discussion. As commented on in Critique, the overwhelming political loudness of the artwork gets in the way of reading the process. All comments were made around the politics of the objects, and how they function in relation to the text.