Nicholas Males


My 'Monumental series' spoke of my interest with public spaces and the atmosphere and/or aura surrounding war monuments. I looked into ideas based around that of the stigma of these spaces and how these change historically. The materials and colour palate were just my starting of the materiality of rust and how it shaped and lead my art to what I create currently.

'Monumental - Series 1.1' Second Year Painting (Studio) March 2016 Acyrlic Paint, Shellac, Rust and Vivid Marker On Canvas Paper

'Monumental - Series 1.2' Second Year Painting (Studio) April 2016 Rust, Shellac, Gesso and Ballpoint Pen On Canvas Paper

'Monumental - Series 1.3' Second Year Video Time Based (Studio) May 2016 Overlaying multiple videos via Premiere Pro