Nicholas Males


'Singularity' Second Year Sculpture and Photo Series (Elective) May 2016 Canvas, Wax, Plaster and Soot

I started to play around with monuments as a form, and how they come across as very enigmatic objects - Mysterious, hard to find their true meaning or context behind.

The idea of 'obsolescence' started to strike me at this stage within my workings, as I had not only starting repurposing materials to create new and different art, such as the canvas in 'Singularity.' This mentality of reusing the old to create the new is almost the very opposite of what is known as obsolescence and the direct consumerist cycle of this.

The root of obsolescence comes from that of "Material Cultural" and how our relationships between human and object value and identifications, which is the associated within such objects. The objects I choose to repurpose is through my selection of materiality, then such follows - will such surface and/or object work in this art? Does such thing send the correct message? Or is this not going to matter as the original object will not be noticeable? Any and all answers relate to that of this objects identification and relationships with me. For example I could pick up some pure silver cutlery to reuse in some art, and as society shows this object has "dedicated values" bound within, as it is silver a material that is defined as a commodity but not that of necessity. Therefor this 'identification' attaches the relationships and meanings of wealth, even though the purpose -to eat, may considered a necessity the material alone shifts that completely, the only purpose being only a mere echo to much stronger consumerist meaning of wealth.