Nicholas Males


'Transparency' Third Year (Studio) May 2017 Rust, Shellac, Gloss Gel on OHP Transparency Film

'Transparency' branched off from the ideas of the 'Monumental Series' and its relation to warfare. Thus I decided to look into the mental side on warfare and its relationship to the Mental Illness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or 'PTSD', and what imagery is related to it. I had put myself in a very heavy research based topic, and had to develop a larger knowledge of the topic. I found myself create a list based on imagery to relate to PTSD:

Fires, Arson, Pyromaniacs, Reactive, Flight vs Fight, Hyper-vigilant, Terrified, Guilt, Vicarious Trauma, Memory, Stress, Generational, Associations, Effecting, Time, Personal, Atmosphere, Sound, Emotional, Wear, Unknown, shadow and Decay.

I later only developed these words into a much deeper object based work with OHP's to show the transparency with the sheets and to cast light and create shadows within the space. I felt quite happy with the outcome with this piece as I felt the object portrayed this on a quite conceptual level and further 'narrowing down' wasn't needed. One thing that I particularity enjoyed with this piece was the use of much 'older generation' machines as OHP's have such identification. Half way through this work I realised that really enjoyed the moments of nostalgia, with these OHP's and undoing this cycle of obsolescence, by shedding light on the old.