Nicholas Males


'Untitled' Time lapse Work (Studio) June 2017 Time Based Series of 2 Rust Works, Projected

I wanted to focus on my methods and how I created each work as I feel each one of my works has a strong relation to that of the process, giving the viewer a large amount of insight on how each work was created. As I started to work more around different metals and how to they change due to oxidation, I wanted to truly show this element of 'time' therefore I created with great difficulty, a time-lapse which I felt extremely disjointed from at the end. Perhaps this was because I didn't enjoy the digital process and messing around with sides or use of this digital media.

My current art is a mixture of my passion for rust - decaying metals and the use of zines as a medium; the message of using books I believe is heading towards what it means for things to become "obsolete" and how I believe finding books in places such as opshops, bins etc. and repurposing the obsolescence of them. This idea of recycling or taking the old into a newer light is something I enjoying working with.

I believe my art/ use of rust is not the enjoyment of the colour palette but has this message behind the medium and how the creation of rust causes the attention towards the 'non-permanent' in the pieces I create, thus relating to this ideas behind works becoming obsolete and how these books were once used but are now perhaps doomed to be either forgotten with the use of technology, am I saving them from a constant state of entropy? - Gradual decline, unpredictability, their lowest state that towards dust. These works come off as extremely Enigmatic as cutting them into sections and removing the contents of them makes them change from the off a book to an 'object' of such, with little connection to what it was echoing this sense of becoming obsolete, or unknown. The use of knowledge from a book is always being contested from the current digital age, with all your answers just a Google search away, are books brought from that knowledge or are they becoming that of mere objects? The main question I ask with my works, Are these 'dedicated values' of objects, removed of their value due to the cycle of obsolescence?

'Untitled' Sculpture Book/Zine Works (Studio) August 2017