Nicholas Males


These current works have ideas of sealing; destruction and time underpin this work, as the bolts appear extremely overt in their purpose in order to bond the knowledge and contents within. The rust then becomes a symbol of time, decay, moribundity, and entropy, with this continuance seeming to span onwards. Robert Smithson speaks of this notion of entropy, it's a condition that's irreversible, and it's a condition that's moving towards a gradual equilibrium. This entropic view is something that foreshadows my work in many elements with not only the materialist view on rust and its elements but the overall notion of moribundity, with these books portrayed as permanently being in this state. The books I have chosen speak to me of a time that has already passed, not serving much need in the current day, the books being "Our fellow Men" - a book which speaks of roles carried out in Old England, "Really important people -dustman, bus driver, typist, signalman, film-operator, tug master, maidservant, and a score of others who do England's work." The other book is "The Rhyming Dictionary" - a book used to write songs, create poems and even nursery rhymes.

This topic would hardly be used too widely today as many songs and even poems are no longer required to rhyme, for example, 'free verse' poems do not require rhyming. Both books spoke of a different era through both their aesthetic and their overall content as having little use in the current day. The mere selection of books has to considered very carefully in order to lead viewers on the correct path of understanding - although it's almost impossible to get the correct response with each work. There is a parallel to this selection process, as I hope to draw relationships to the old and what was, and portray the connection between these books falling into a state of entropy and people becoming almost unaware of the process of obsolescence.

The bolts symbolize annihilation and the state of obsolescence - in a very physical form the slow drilling and decaying is destroying the old and destroying the knowledge within, by locking it away so that the viewers can no longer read the contents inside.