Nicholas Males


Saturday, 3rd of November 2018 – Saturday, 17th of November 2018

Minimalist objects covered in council paint, 2018

My interest in government housing and social policy dictates my making process responding to housing regulations as a method for creating art. I aim to question the reality of the situation and why this standardization through Housing regulations has become normality for many. These regulations, dating back to 1947, are truly anachronistic. Showing this in a form of mimicry of these current regulations. These ‘Habitable’ spaces visualise the disparities between minimal regulations and general assumptions. Such forms have a standardised almost militant aesthetic through the use of colour and worn material, perhaps evidence of the people who used to or even still occupy such spaces. These objects aim to provoke, educate and aggravate with these forms, becoming conditioned and juxtaposed within the very spaces they are installed, establishing conversations around these ‘Habitable’ spaces.