Nicholas Males

Nowheres/ Elsewheres

Suite Gallery 241 Cuba Street


Ben Lysaght
Alex Murdoch
Naoise O’Donoghue
Nicholas Males
Hannah Lawn

One Tenth aims to question the reality of the situation and why this standardization through Housing regulations has become normality for many. These regulations, dating back to 1947, are truly showing their inexperience. My work shows this in a form of mimicry of these current regulations. These ‘window frames’ visualise the disparities between minimal regulations and preconceptions. Concrete is not only abundant among my own practice, but also dominates his spaces of interest as a core material of construction. The very existence of these ‘Habitable’ spaces being questioned through diminutive objects, manifesting ambiguous forms which at first glance seem abnormal and irregular but have familiarity through the everyday. Such forms have a standardised almost militant aesthetic through the use colour and worn material, perhaps evidence of the people whom used to or even still occupy such spaces. These objects aim to provoke, educate and aggravate with these forms, becoming conditioned and juxtaposed within the very spaces they are installed, establishing conversations around these ‘Habitable’ spaces.